Why do I Travel?


On October 21st 2016, I begin my big trip. A trip that is going to see me travel to Spain, Thailand, Burma, Nepal, Bhutan, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Australia, NZ, Portugal and back to Spain over 6-9 months with many adventures along the way. I am packing up my beautiful flat which I’ve lived in for Continue reading »

Moving Pains

Adventure. Moving Forward

Exactly two years ago, I had decided that I wanted to go travelling for six months or more. I decided that I wanted to go to India and spend six months travelling and on yoga retreats. I was wondering about what to do with my flat. My flat is a funny one. I’ve been living Continue reading »

I Did It


It’s nearly 2 weeks since I finished my Camino. I reached Santiago on Monday, 9th of May. 13 days ago. I arrived back in London on Tuesday, the 17th of May. 5 days ago. 33 days of walking. 775km of distance. Hundreds of inspiring people. I’m trying to write something. About the experience on the Continue reading »