Career Coaching

  1. Do you find yourself wasting your Sunday afternoons worrying and dreading Monday morning?
  2. Do you find yourself in a stressful, unfulfilling job that is taking over your life?
  3. Do you feel that you were born to do something more in life than the job you are currently doing?
  4. Do you wonder where 2014 went?
  5. Do you get depressed at the thought you may be doing what you are doing for the next 10 years?

 BUT – What you DO know are that:

  1. You WANT to be doing something which you are passionate about
  2. You maybe WANT to work for an organisation that inspires you OR
  3. You WANT to be your own boss
  4. YOU may have had an idea bubbling under the busy-ness of your life, niggling away at you OR
  5. You at this MOMENT have no idea about what you want to do but just the feeling that there is something better out there for you



If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then the “Kickstart Your Career” is for YOU!

Contact me NOW to find out HOW  to “Reignite The Fire Within You”.

Sometimes, we get so busy in our day to day live that we kill that little voice telling us that there is more to this life than this job that you have settled for.

You have sacrificed passion for security.

In my ONE to ONE Career Coaching Sessions, you WILL:

  1. Get clear on who you are, your talents, natural strengths, and what drives you
  2. Clarify your VALUES around work
  3. Brainstorm ideas around what you could do and HOW to use what you have to assist in moving TOWARDS what you want
  4. How to make this happen – to move from researching your new career direction through to building a network and moving on to implementing practical steps to move you closer to your dream job and/or business
  5. And finally – enjoy the fruits of your labour


“…her approach was to empower myself, which in turn gave me the insight in what I needed to do.”

“It was a pleasure to work with Yoginee. I felt her amicable character made it easy to open up and feel at ease with whatever topic we were discussing. Any issues I had were put into a neutral perspective comfortably, and her approach was to empower myself, which in turn gave me the insight in what I needed to do. I enjoyed working with someone who was professional, considerate and friendly. At times we even exchanged a few laughs which made the experience not only beneficial but enjoyable. Thank you.”  Karmini, London
“Practical tools to help prioritise my options and bring clarity”

“Yoginee has an extremely insightful and calm way of working which helps to put you at ease to discuss your issues openly. She offered me a range of practical tools to help prioritise my options and bring clarity so I could feel more in control again. The tools were practical and easy to use after the sessions finished, I highly recommend her.” Wendy, Fundraising Professional, London

“Guiding me to stay focused and to help make the final decisions which I’ve been postponing for a while”

“In a particularly difficult period when my mind was occupied with different things and when I could not seem to get out of this re-occurring circle of the same thoughts, my sessions with Yoginee helped me tremendously to look at everything from a different perspective. We slowly broke down my concerns into smaller elements, looking at them one by one and Yoginee had an amazing approach for guiding me to stay focused and to help make the final decisions which I’ve been postponing for a while.  As I am a very practical person, those sessions were very useful because they not only structured my thoughts at that time but also provided me with the tools for me to follow through on my commitments. It helped me a lot and I think Yoginee has a natural talent for relating to people on a very special level.” Anya, London

Your Catalyst for Change Coach

Hi, my name is Yogi (Yoginee) Patel. I work with professionals working in the City of London who are feeling:  STRESSED, OVERWORKED, UNFULFILLED in their jobs, STUCK in life – looking for PURPOSE, DIRECTION and WANT TO BRING BACK BALANCE AND FUN INTO THEIR LIVES.

Typically, they are achievers, driven, ambitious and resourceful and are looking at improving their lives EVEN more and sort out the things that they are not happy with.

What separates my services from other coaches is having spent 14 years in the corporate world as a Chartered Accountant, I have experienced the stress, overwork and disillusionment of a successful career and understand the culture, challenges and the environment of the people I work with which enables me to totally understand the context and therefore provide an efficient, tailored and targeted coaching package. I can guarantee my clients a laser focussed coaching programme which will dramatically improve their quality of life.

I can work with you wherever you are located either face to face (in London), over the telephone or by email. Through an initial consultation, we can assess suitability and set up your exciting first session.